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Comcast Targets Internet-Only Subs with New ‘Flex’ Streaming Service (Thu, 21 Mar 2019)
News Comcast is launching a new streaming service called Flex, which aggregates a variety of free content, along with paid subscriptions and will be available to Xfinity Internet customers next week for an extra $5 per month. Staff Author:  Bevin Fletcher Topics:  Cable
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Lockheed Martin's First Smart Satellites are Tiny with Big Missions (Thu, 21 Mar 2019)
News Lockheed Martin announced a new generation of space technology launching this year that will allow satellites to change their missions in orbit. Satellites that launched one, ten or even fifteen years ago largely have the same capability they had when they lifted off. That's changing with... Contributed Author:  Lockheed Martin Topics:  MIL/AERO
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